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                     Its's Easy, Fast and Simple

Get your quote for all of our insurance carriers. We can provide a quote
    for your group or you can do your own quote.  (See below)

2) Decide on the Insurance Company and Plan (2 plans can be offered)

3) Complete Employer Enrollment Form

4) Advise Employees to do enrollment through our free HR Portal,
    Employee Navigator.

5) Submit employee applications before the 15th of the month for 1st of the  
    month coverage with first months premium.

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 1) You can proceed and request a quote from us 

GROUP dental dental        

1) You can proceed and request a quote from us

2) You can proceed to do your own quote (Available soon). (Excel is required)

Eyeglasses VISION QUOTE  

GROUP life & disability QUOTE

You can proceed and request a quote from us


You can request information by clicking here - WC Information


We offer a variety of voluntary plans through AFLAC - Send me AFLAC info

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